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Woodstock and the Catskills

Woodstock is a beautiful place with many things to do.  Come visit us!​


Each of our cabins is stocked with brochures and booklets of the area's attractions.

The Village of Woodstock


Woodstock is a charming village in the heart of the Catskills, with many great shops and restaurants about a ten-minute walk from the cabins.  Our favorite restaurants are Cucina, The

Bear Cafe, Joshua's, and the Garden Cafe.



You'll find boutiques, vintage clothing stores, cafes, apothecaries, galleries, and all sorts of unique corners.  Explore the town and find your own favorites.

Or, take a short drive to the neighborhing villages, which have their own small town charm.

Saugerties, Kingston, and Phoenicia are nearby.

Outdoors & Recreation


The five cabins are situated near some of the best hiking trails, ski slopes, and campsites in the Catskills.  

Overlook Moutain, Mount Tremper, and Slide Mountain all have great trails with incredible views.


There are also plenty of swimming holes, fishing spots, cross country trails, and river launches for kayaking, canoeing, and tubing.


Arts and Culture


Woodstock and the surrounding Hudson Valley area are full of cultural destinations.

Woodstock itself is a famous artists colony, and for many decades has been home to many independent artists.  You'll find no shortage of studios and galleries.


The Woodstock Playhouse is a favorite theather destination in the Catskills.  The Bearsville Theater is a famous music performance venue.  You'll also find three Buddhist monasteries in Woodstock, as well as many yoga and pilates studios, spas, and healing centers.  

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